About Samantha:Here are some things about who I am

Dancing: Since I was a little child I would always dance to the rhythm that would be played. Though I didn't know the exact moves I honeslty did what I believe was right,not everyone saw it in an incredible way as I did so I gave up. Didn't dance if anybody was around but if I was alone I'd give a shot of dancing one last time as it depended on my life. Dancing is something beautiful born in everyone if you think not though it's your choice to bring it out. In 8th grade I went beck to dacning although hip pop or latin music I couldn't dance so easily so I have kpop a try at the end it was wasn't complex like the other songs I tried to master. The song I have so far mastered is Blackpink "ddu du ddu du". Blackpink is four girl members who two are rappers and the other two are vocal singers. They've been producing muic ever since 2016, they have made good music and it amazes me at times how people like them can create a song about life,love,broken hearts or anyhting. After learning those dance moves I moved on to BTS "IDOL" which has been a hit for two months now and it still is. Idol is expressing about how you should be yourself and not let anyone control or make you be someone else than who you are. Once I began learning the dnace moves it wasn't slow as I thought like in "ddu du ddu du" but got the hang of it. The song is sorta fast so you must move your feet at the right timing or else you fail the dance progress. I honeslty say from a rookie dancer, dancing can be very fragile to the human since you're showing your emotions but hurts while expressing and making wrong movements can cause damage whick has happen to me and I couldn't nesscary dance or walk much but kept trying even with the injury. I'm not saying you shouldn't care if you're hurt just if you're really passionate about dancing or something else don't be afraid or scared just show who you are. I've started to learn that adter 7 years but now I see that it doesn't matter what a person thinks of you just as long there's people who can be accepting of yourself.

Writing Sotries: So where do I begin basically, when I was around 9 years old I had a extrandorinay mind of making my own folk tales that's what my teachers say so I began to write them out. I didn't tell anyone because I had a deep feeling I wouldn't be liked of what I was making. I didn't write anything bad just based on fansty that childern have though still feared I wasn't much gonna be accepted with that so I mostly kept it hidden. Around 5th grade there was times where I couldn't contitune my progress I made so I had a choice to either give up and contiune later in my older years or keep trying while I had frusation with my teacher. I chose to keep trying even if my 5th grade teacher gave me so much frusration. I say from my honest mind I didn't know her well but knew she didn't like me at all for reason I still don't know. But it hurted me so much my heart I felt it actually broke when I heard from my mother she didn't want me teach me because for my color skin. She was my first ever rasict teacher I had that I quit on writing my stories and began to lose my sanity of telling mixed universes. Years passed that I forgot about the folk tells I wrote but when I went back to file I saved them it was corrupted. I don't know how but I wasn't disappoint because I wanted to start somewhere fresh so I decide to grab a notebook and write my only focus book I want to actually make. Currently I'm re-writing everything and fixing my errors I had,it's coming out better than I hope but I still have stiked in my heart about my teacher. It's never forgotten but I say this anyone and myself keep you're head up high and don't begin to drown yourself into a hole that won't be possbile to get out because once inside no one can dig you out.

Singing:This is embarrassing to tell but to know me at least it's soemhitng common people say but I don't think is it. Singing has always been my passion ever since I was a little kid. Through out my ages I have heard new songs I attend to sing them which I do pretty well with my voice. Sometimes my friends ask me how I have different voices when I talk or use them for roleplays. It's honeslty all from my singing I do each day when I free time. It's like a string that you are on a edge that you must sing or have different voices to make the string thicker to not lose balance. For me it's a puzzle that when switching to different vocals or rap you unlock a new sound. Through out the years growing up of singing I grown used to the vocals and my voice can hit the same exact note as the singer is doing. Rapping I 've tried before though thought it wasn't part of me but it is actually since if a music or rap song is coming up you can easily sing without messing up or mixing up words. It's similar to dancing though using your voice which is more emotional because it's coming from your heart.

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